Technical Programme


Invited keynote papers

The prospective invited speakers are:

  • Hei Wong, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Towards Ultimate MOS
  • Enrique Alberto Miranda Castellano, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain; Compact modeling of memristive devices for neuromorphic computing
  • Simon Deleonibus, CEA/LETI, France; Sustainable Convergence in the Nanoelectronics and Nanosystems Era
  • Enrico Sangiorgi, Univeristy of Bologna, Italy; Wide band gap power devices
  • Adelmo Ortiz-Conde, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela; Recent Applications of Polylogarithms in MOSFET Modeling
  • Tibor Grasser, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Insulators for Transistors made from 2D Materials
  • Zoran Petrović, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia; How non-equilibrium processes in low temperature plasmas facilitate their modern applications
  • Trupti Ranjan Lenka, National Institute of Technology Silchar, India; III-Nitride Nanowire LEDs for Enhanced Light Technology
  • Janez Krč, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Photonic integration on silicon-based platform
  • Olaf Wittler, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany; Warpage modelling in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging - Challenges and solutions
  • Miloš Krstić, IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt, Germany; Resiliency in digital processing systems
  • Goran Stojanović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia; Innovative results in non-conventional electronics - textile and green electronics
  • Boualem Djezzar, Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées, CDTA, Algeria; Application of Charge Pumping Technique for MOSFET Devices Reliability
  • Adrian Ionescu, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland; Low power ferroelectric FETs for beyond CMOS
  • Edgar Olthof, NXP Semiconductors, The Netherlands;  
  • Albena Paskaleva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria; A complex approach to assess traps and defects and their influence on the performance and reliability of charge trapping flash memories
  • Ercan Yilmaz, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey; High-k Dielectric RADFET for Detection of RN Treats