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31st International
Conference on Microelectronics

Visa Requirements

The nationals of a number of countries worldwide do not need visas for the entry and stay in Serbia up to 90 days, but visa requirements for the nationals of certain countries still apply. General information for the foreign citizens coming to Serbia can be found at the official web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/index.php?lang=eng). This web site also provides several links to useful information, such as: the information on Visa Regime with particular countries (http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/consular-affairs/entry-serbia/visa-requirements), which enables foreign citizen to find out if he/she needs Serbian visa or not; the list of Diplomatic/Consular missions of the Republic of Serbia worldwide (http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/embassies), including their mailing addresses, phone & fax numbers, and e-mail addresses for contact; etc.

Visa requirements may vary for the citizens of different countries, and the MIEL 2019 Conference participants are kindly advised to contact the nearest Consular Mission of Serbia regarding the specific requirements for visa application and issuance. In some cases the procedure may take rather long time, so we friendly advise the participants holding the passports of the countries for which the visa requirements apply to submit their visa applications as soon as possible. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat (E-mail: miel@elfak.ni.ac.rs) immediately!



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Last modified: November 12, 2018