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31st International
Conference on Microelectronics

Travel Information

By plane. The airport of Niš – “Constantine the Great” is located in the industrial part of the town close to the central city zone (http://nis-airport.com/en/?lang=en). If you find this mode of transport suitable, after lending you can reach your final destination either by a circular bus line (stops at the airport every 15 minutes and makes a route around the whole city) or by available taxi services. Unfortunately, a number of available airlines is rather limited, so if you decide to come to Serbia by plane you may find a large offer of connections to the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” (http://www.beg.aero/en/home).

By bus. Central bus station of Niš is located in the wide city centre, just minutes away from the main town symbol – the fortress of Niš and also the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. Numerous taxi services are at your disposal just in front of the station. You will find that almost all major cities in the region and even in the west and east of Europe are accessible by bus from Niš (https://redvoznje.net/rs/autobuska-stanica/autobuska-stanica-nis/).

By train. Niš is also easily reached by train. Besides connections to all major cities in the region, international connections to Greece, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, etc., are also available. Main train station of Niš is rather close to the city centre, connected to it by regular bus lines having stops just outside the station itself. If you find buses overcrowded, a wide taxi network is also at your service. (http://www.zeleznicesrbije.com/active/en/home.html)
Note that we do not recommend traveling by train.

By car. Being positioned at the crossroad of E-75 (Budapest, Belgrade, Niš, Thessaloniki) and E-80 (Adriatic sea, Niš, Sofia, Istanbul) motorways, Niš is most easily reachable by car. Do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat for any further information regarding your travel and transportation. Information given here mainly concerns the conference participants arriving by airplane from distant European and overseas countries; it is reasonable assumed that those coming from neighbouring and other nearby countries already do have some experience and are aware of the most convenient means of traveling to Serbia. The additional information can be obtained by sending a message to Conference Secretariat (E-mail: miel@elfak.ni.ac.rs). 



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Last modified: November 12, 2018