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31st International
Conference on Microelectronics


Instructions for Presenting Authors


Accepted papers will be scheduled for presentation in Technical Programme Sessions according to their technical area. For the tentative information on presentation dates and time please visit the Preliminary Programme page.

Oral Presentations

Electronic projection from MS PowerPoint (Office XP) or PDF files will be used for presentations in all oral sessions, including the workshop. To reduce set-up time, all presentation files are to be preloaded by Conference Secretariat, and the authors are kindly requested to e-mail us the files as soon as possible, no later than September 8th, 2017. Only one self-contained PowerPoint or PDF file per presentation is allowed. The Secretariat will check if the files can be read and confirm the receipt. Presenting authors will be allowed to view their presentations in the breaks before the sessions, but no corrections will be allowed on the site. Projection coordinator will take care that all presentations go smoothly. Minimum requirements and recommendations for preparation of presentation files can be found in miel2019.ppt file, which can be downloaded and used as a template. 

If you have any particular question or special request, please contact the Conference Secretariat (E-mail: miel@elfak.ni.ac.rs).

 The Session Chairs and Presenting Authors are kindly requested to arrive to the Conference Room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the start of the Session. Time allowed for presentation (including discussion) is limited to 30 minutes for Keynote Invited Papers and 15 minutes for Regular Contributions. To enable a discussion of presented results, the Presenting Authors are kindly requested to adjust their talks to last 3-5 minutes less than stated above. To avoid undesired delays and preserve the conference schedule, the Session Chairs are kindly advised to warn the Presenting Authors on the time limit and prevent any over-extended presentation and/or discussion. 

Poster Presentations 

The lightly-coloured boards, approximately 0.9mX1.2m in size, will be provided for placing the posters. On preparing the posters, authors are kindly requested to use sufficiently large fonts for the text and equations, as well as clearly visible illustrations. Excessive usage of the text should be avoided, and simple placing of the enlarged copy of the proceedings paper as a poster is highly undesirable. Tape, pins, etc., needed to fix the posters, will be supplied by the conference staff.

Presenting Authors are requested to place their posters at appropriate boards at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session, notify the Session Chairman on their presence, stay nearby their posters throughout the session, and remove the posters within 30 minutes after the session ends. Session Chairmen are kindly requested to arrive 15 minutes before the session beginning, check if all the posters have been fixed, and take care that session goes smoothly. Please contact the Conference Secretariat (E-mail: miel@elfak.ni.ac.rs) if you need any additional information or have some specific request.



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