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30th International
Conference on Microelectronics

Invited Keynote Papers
The prospective invited speakers are:

Simon Deleonibus, CEA/LETI, France
Energy and Variability Efficient (EVE) Era is Ahead of Us

Sima Dimitrijev, Griffith University, Australia
SiC Power MOSFETs: The Current Status and the Potential for Future Development

Petar Igić, Swansea University, UK
High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors Compatible with Bulk Silicon and SOI IC Technology

Z. Jakšić, IHTM-CMTM, Serbia
Strategies for low-loss plasmonics: a path toward ultracompact, all-optical circuits

Alexander Nikiforov, MEPhI, Russia
Basic trends in electronic components product range development: radiation hardness aspects

Shunri Oda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Silicon nanodevices for intelligent communications

Siegfried Selberherr, Technical University Wien, Austria
Non-Volatility by Spin in Modern Nanoelectronics

Zoran Stamenković, IHP-Microelectronics, Germany
An Overview of the Modeling and Simulation of the Single Event Transients at the Circuit Level

Tomislav Suligoj, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Innovative Bipolar-CMOS Integration for RF Communication Circuits with Low-Cost, High-Performance Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT)

Marko Topič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Photovoltaics as Macroelectronics applying Nanostructures as Nanoelectronics

Hei Wong, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The Scaling Issues of Subnanometer EOT Gate Dielectrics for the Ultimate Nano CMOS Technology



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Last modified: April 26, 2017